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Global Peace Index And Its Challenge

Posted on: January 2, 2009

John XXIII in the first paragraph of his encyclical Pacem in Terris (1963) wrote: “All men of every age have most eagerly yearned for peace on earth.” And yet, as we look at our world today we see situations of un-peace: wars, violence, division, injustice, oppression and exploitation, deteriorating poverty and un-love.

The list at the Global Peace Index shows the GPI rankings for the 140 countries analysed in 2008 and the 121 countries analysed in 2007, as well as year-on-year comparison. Countries most at peace are ranked first. A lower score indicates a more peaceful country. You can click on a country to see the detail of its peace indicators and drivers.

Below are the 15 most violent countries listed in descending order to the most violent, which is Iraq.

  1. Myanmar
  2. Pakistan
  3. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  4. Nigeria
  5. Colombia
  6. Russia
  7. Lebanon
  8. North Korea
  9. Central African Republic
  10. Chad
  11. Israel
  12. Afghanistan
  13. Sudan
  14. Somalia
  15. Iraq

“We desire peace and therefore, St. Thomas adds, “we desire to obtain what we desire” (Summa Theologiae, II-II, 29, 2). Hence, all men and women of good will have to pursue and work for peace of all. For “peace is either for all or for none” (John Paull II, SRS 26).

“Do all you can to live at peace with everyone” (Rom 12:18).  “Love your enemies and pray for your persecutors. This will prove that we are sons and daughters of our heavenly Father” (Mt 5:44-45), do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who persecute you, love your enemies, rejoice with those who are joyful, weep with those who weep, live in peace with one another and conquer evil with good (see Rm 12:14-16, 21). Gandhi’s reminder is still relevant and urgent today: “A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye makes the world toothless and blind.” Let us promote peace for all nonviolently and peacefully.

Prayer For Peace

Eternal God, in whose perfect kingdom no sword is drawn but the sword of righteousness, no strength known but the strength of love: So mightily spread abroad your Spirit, that all peoples may be gathered under the banner of the Prince of Peace, as children of one Father; to whom be dominion and glory, now and for ever. Amen.

[Book of Common Prayer, p. 815]


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