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5 Easy Ways to Start a Diet

Posted on: February 17, 2009

I just wrote the word “diet” in the title so you’d know what I was talking about, but honestly, that should be a swear word. How about, “5 easy ways to get food to serve you and your goals?” Or what about, “The joy of food”, or “The great things food can do for your body and your goals.”

So much of what we look like is impacted by what we put in our mouths. The tricky thing is that food is connected to us as emotional beings so much more then exercise. Yes, some people blow off stress by taking a run, but most of us would just rather reach for a donut, slice of pizza or scotch and soda.

I think the food puzzle needs to be unraveled simply and slowly so that our approach is simple but realistic to our lives.

1. Drink only water, with the exception of your beloved coffee in the morning. According to studies, this would eliminate 20% of our caloric intake and help all of our body functions run more smoothly.

2. Cut down your portions
I’m not even going to say what to eat and not eat. I’m just saying if you are having that sub at lunch cut it in half. We all overeat, so just eat until you are full. I’ts difficult to do, so halve the food and get it away from you. If it’s sitting there you will want to eat it.

3. Don’t skip breakfast
You will have a 70% chance of overeating throughout your day if you skip breakfast.

4. Keep a food journal
This will help you see exactly what you are eating and when. You will even be able to see patterns of grabbing food at stressful moments, etc. Journaling just makes you aware and in charge of your food–not the other way around.

5. If you can avoid it, don’t eat after 7 p.m.
On business dinners or birthday gatherings don’t worry about it. But when you can, try to finish eating earlier in the day.

See, that’s not hard to do. Now as you progress in this area, I have some other rules to help you improve your relationship with food.

  • Don’t eat fast food (unless you have no other choice).
  • Avoid microwaving your meals. Cook it yourself.
  • Limit tons of sugar and wheat-based products (in anything).
  • No diet, or fat-free, food. They contain a lot of ingredients that no one can pronounce.
  • Fill your plate during the day with foods of all colors.
  • Eat slowly and chew your food well.
  • Eat when you are hungry and not because you are sad, mad, or stressed out.
  • Limit your red meat intake.
  • Foods that have a 10-year shelf life should not be eaten. Go for the real stuff.
  • Don’t snack yourself to weight gain. Eat real meals that are satisfying, not snacky foods that will kill your waistline and make you feel blah.

Source: Health Yahoo


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