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Sex Secrets of Women Men Love

Posted on: February 18, 2009

We’re assuming you like sex, most of the time. Maybe you even love it — some of the time. But there are women who love sex all the time, from the very thought of it to the afterglow. These women have more sex than the rest of us, and they thrill their men to the core. Whether they’re feeling hot for their partners or just lukewarm, they’d rather do it than not do it — they make love, not excuses. If they’re tired, sex revives them; if they’re stressed, it relaxes them; and if they have a headache, they’ll opt for the orgasm cure. Here’s how they do it.

1. Sex-loving women love to think about sex
Conventional wisdom (backed by a certain amount of actual scientific research) says that men think about sex more often than women do. Well, not more than sex-loving women do. Rather than censoring their erotic thoughts, these women encourage them. They don’t feel guilty about fantasizing, even if their fantasies are a bit kinky or feature some creative casting. And because sex is so often on their minds, it’s a lot easier for their bodies to get to “yes.”

“To boost my libido, I indulge in erotic thinking: I might see a pile of peaches in the supermarket and let my mind drift to imagine them as glorious bottoms, male and female. When I think about my husband, I sometimes picture parts of him, like his forearm or chest hair; I visualize that part until I feel aroused. But even the most mundane things can have an erotic appeal. Running my hand along a curved wooden banister can be a sensual experience.”

Nicola, 28, married two years

“I write myself notes so I’ll remember things, from grocery items to birthdays to checking my stock portfolio. One day after my husband and I had lamented the infrequency of our lovemaking, I wrote ‘Sex!’ and posted it on the side of my computer monitor. Because that note was there, I thought more about sex than I usually did. I didn’t stay late at work that night. We had sex. I left the note up until it fell down. I thought about sex more and more often; we kept having sex. I have replaced the note, and now I’ve put more notes in my day planner; for example, ‘Do it in the pool tonight.'”

Donna, 30, married five years

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