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Guyabano: The fruit that heals

Posted on: August 14, 2009


“A MIRACULOUS natural cancer cell killer, 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy.” That was how the forwarded e-mail described the fruits of sour sop or graviola (more popularly known here as guyabano or labana).

“What’s more, unlike chemotherapy, the compound extracted from the graviola tree selectively hunts down and kills only cancer cells,” the e-mail said. “It does not harm healthy cells!” In addition, it “effectively targets and kills malignant cells in 12 types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer.”

According to the email, a research has been conducted and showed that the extracts from guyabano can “attack cancer safely and effectively with an all-natural therapy that does not cause extreme nausea, weight loss and hair loss.”

It also “protects your immune system and avoids deadly infections; feels stronger and healthier throughout the course of the treatment; and boosts your energy and improves your outlook on life.”

One wonders: Why are people not aware of this fact? The e-mail explained: “It’s because some big corporation want to make back their money spent on years of research by trying to make a synthetic version of it for sale.”

The US National Cancer Institute reportedly performed the first scientific research on graviola in 1976. The results showed that the plant’s “leaves and stems were found effective in attacking and destroying malignant cells.” Although the results were supposedly published in an internal report, it was never released to the public.

Whether the circulated e-mail is true or not, the guyabano (scientific name: Anona muricata) has been identified by the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) as one of the fruits that deserved attention.

The book Underexploited Tropical Plants with Promising Economic Value described it as “a tropical fruit with potential for development as a processed industrial commodity.”

Plants of the Philippines, published by the University of the Philippines in the 1970s, mentioned guyabano just in passing. “A relative of atis” is all you can read about the fruit in the 550-page book.

The heart shaped guyabano fruit has a dark green, leathery and spike like skin that measures from 8 to 12 inches long and can weigh up to 2.5 kilos. Ripe fruits are light yellow and soft. The creamy and delectable flesh contains from 60 to 100 black-brown seeds that are indigestible and non-edible.

Comparisons of the flavor of guyabano range from strawberry and pineapple mixed together to sour citrus flavor notes contrasting with an underlying creamy roundness of flavor reminiscent of coconut or banana.

A native of tropical America, guyabano was introduced into the Philippines at an early date and is no cultivated in all parts of the Archipelago. The plant grows in any kind of soil, but a fairly deep, friable soil of volcanic origin is conducive to growth and fruiting. It thrives very well from sea level up to 500 meters above sea level.

Guyabano is one of the healthiest fruits known to man. The flesh of the fruit consist of a white edible pulp that is high in carbohydrates (particularly fructose) and considerable amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, potassium and dietary fiber.

Guyabano is low in cholesterol, saturated fat and sodium. Not only is guyabano a good health food, it also taste delicious.

Aside from being eaten raw, the guyabano fruit is processed into candies, tarts, shakes, ice cream, and sherbets and other beverages. An assortment of punch and cocktail drinks can be made by mixing the nectar with wine rum or cola drinks or buko (fresh coconut) juice and ice.

In Indonesia, immature guyabano are cooked as vegetables or used in soup in Indonesia. In the northeastern part of Brazil, they are either roasted or fried.

The fruit, seeds, and leaves have a number of herbal medicinal uses in countries where the plant is common. The sap of the young leaves may be applied directly on pimples to induce suppuration. The sap is also considered parasitical.

An alcoholic extract of the leaves, when distilled with steam, yields a small amount of essential oil. The portion of alcoholic extract which is soluble in water contains a large amount of potassium chloride together with dextrose tannins, amorphous products, and a small amount of an alkaloid substance which could not be crystallized. The leaves and roots also cure colic and convulsions.

To reduce fever, a decoction of leaves can be taken internally. It has the same effect as when leaves are added to bathing water. In the Caribbean, it is believed that laying the leaves of the guyabano on a bed below a sleeping person with a fever will break the fever by the next morning.

The crushed fresh leaves are also applied on skin eruptions for faster healing. A poultice of young guyabano leaves is applied on the skin to alleviate rheumatism and other skin infections like eczema. Applied during the healing of wounds, this can result in less or no skin scars.

The decoction can also be used as a wet compress on swollen feet and other inflammations. Poultice of mashed leaves and sap of young leaves are used for eczema and skin eruptions.

The guyabano leaves are believed to have tranquilizing and sedative properties. In the Netherlands Antilles, the leaves are placed inside pillows or placed on top of the mattress to induce a good night’s sleep. Boiling the leaves and drinking may help induce sleep.

Guyabano are also good in checking insect pests. Pulverizing the guyabano seeds and mixing it with soap and water can be used as an effective spray against caterpillars, armyworms and leafhoppers on plants. The petroleum ether and chloroform extracts of guyabano are toxic to black carpet beetle larvae. The seed oil kills head lice.

The bark of the guyabano tree has been used in tanning. The bark fiber is strong but, since fruiting trees are not expendable, is resorted to only in necessity. Bark, as well as seeds and roots, has been used as fish poison.

The wood is pale, aromatic, soft, light in weight and not durable. It has been used for ox yokes because it does not cause hair loss on the neck. Analyses of the wood in Brazil show cellulose content of 65 to 76 percent, high enough to be a potential source of paper pulp.

Here are some words of warning: Research carried out in the Caribbean has suggested a connection between consumption of guyabano and atypical forms of Parkinson’s disease due to the very high concentration of annonacin. On the other hand, the seeds contain 45 percent of yellow non-drying oil which is an irritant poison, causing severe eye inflammation.

“Guyabano seeds are toxic, and care must be taken to assure that all are removed before the pulp is processed,” the NAS reminds.

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Nice webpage, lots of material inside it.

Have a nice day.

What Guyabano products are available & where can they be purchased – please advise website?

there are lots of guyabano in philippines.this tropical fruit is very well known to export from other countries.more guyabano found in cebu philippines.and we have more malunggay here.this is our favorite vegetables.

Diagnosed with liver cancer/tumours. Live in Melbourne and need some Guyabano too. Where do I get it??

If you have any Filipino worker there ask her/him to look it for. They have a lots of them in the Philippines.

Hi Trev,
I’d be glad to help you about Guyabano fruits and many other cures for natural treatments. I am from the Philippines and have good supply of it.
I myself am undergoing natural cancer treatments after detecting stage 3 breast cancer but I am responding well now, thanks to our nature. The cures are all from the nature.
You can send me a note to my yahoo messenger ID for anything. My ID is tetziecou.

we have many guyabano trees here in the philippines because it grew anywhere here even if you don’t intentionally plant it. it’s really good, my son, 15, was hospitalized due to kidney problem…i was very worried of his health … though i’m having him regular checkup with the doctor, i also let him take guyabano tea. i let the leaves air dried for 21 days and that’s it… his crea now is normal… i hope and pray that it will stay normal… until the next check up… and forever…

i really wanted to give you some of my dried guyabano leaves … but i don’t know how?

you can try vita plus guyabano

you can buy guyabana in any west indian food market or in any spanish supermarket near you regular grocery stores do not carry it west indian markets are like carribean stores just type it into google an your area where you live

Good Evening, I can help you if you want. It is true that soursop (guyabano) are good treatment for cancer-ill patient. many testimonies are heard regarding with this miraculous fruit. Even, a Doctor in Medicine – believe in the efficacy of treating cancer by this fruits.

In our undergraduate study, guyabano yields about 4.63% of ethanol per 1000 grams sample using Gas chromatography analysis device…

we have guyabano leaves for sale,powder guyabano leaves of 50 grams worth 80 pesos,im jenette ulla campomanes of lopez jaena st.biasong dipolog city or you can call me at 09184362070 or telephone number 0659082274

guyabano known a cancer killer and it is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy. if you need, I am from the Philippines and have good supply of guyabano juice with other ingredients of powerful herbs like horseradish tree (moringa) “the miracle tree” please call or text 0947-5727271 or Email

come here in philippines you can have guyabano fruits even for free. there’s a lot of guyabano anywhere places here in philippines. if you do for shipment which is maybe hard to ship or brought in your country you can come here and take some vacation while you are taking treatment. keep all the seeds you can get from the fruits and try to planted it there when you back in your country. do it a favor for yourself. — this would really help you or even in cancer patients.

i can give you guyabano.. my backyard is full of trees of guyavano.. email me on this address

this fruits are common in tropical country like Philippines,even in my place i have a lot for this fruits

Hello annete im ruel from Davao City if you are interested to try our product guyabano its 100% guyabano juice no artificial flavor just txt or call my celfone # 09198910002

i just recommend to eat its ripened fruit and boil its leaves for drinking. thanks for the comment.

it is okay to drink guyabano leaves 4 pregnant women?pls give me you info thax 4 the help…pls txt me 09264900458 ty

where is this fruit available.I am located in India.

go to the philippines there’s so many guyabano fruit there!!!

You can find plenty of guyabano fruits everywhere in the Philippines particularly in Mindanao. Many Filipinos do not even treasured this tree. As I disseminate this knowledge many began to value it as it should.

where this soup available ?

in the philippines u can find it everywhere even in malls and school canteen

Guyabano is a fruit which is plenty here in the philippines. i like this fruit mixed with milk and sugar.

where are you from? i live here in the Philippines. i can send you a natural and nutritious juice from that fruit. you can send your request at my email address thank you.


I am interested in guyabano.

where is guyabano fruit available in india ????
reply soon….

only cows are found in india …lol

In india we supply Guyabano leaves, bark seed and other herbs like bourdock, ganoderma, alfalfa, milkthistle, etc. any one requires may contact at alchemistjk at gmail dot com and may call at 91-9334851224

i’m from the Philippines and i can help get that fruit and a natural and nutritious juice from that fruit. you can send your request at my email address thank you

please contact me for guya bano fruit puree

I want guabano fruit. My contact +919214303005

i need guyabano fruits urgent plz contact me on or 9910128204 if it is possible.
thank you.

i want to know where could i buy it from, i ve been trying to find but not reaching the right place,, please help

try visiting mindanao, you can find a lot of it even for free.

its really true

please email,i’ll be happy to help you
find a guyabano juice.thanks

I don’t know if the fruit is available in other countries. We have good supply of it here in the Philippines. Send me a note if you want to know about its supply. My Yahoo messenger ID is tetziecou.

here in the philippines you can find this fruit… but now that it’s benefits are abundant, many filipinos are also looking everywhere to find it…. good luck

i can send you if you want

here in General Santos City Southern portion of Mindanao their are many guyabano here. in my hoe i have a guyabano plant already

Im in cebu, you can buy it in carbon market, it’s very cheap and delicious….slurp…

There’s a lot of stores of guyabano fruits in tagaytay, cavite philippines no need to go a far place like mindanao.

you come here in our country and i will give it to you for free


Please send your contact details so that I can talk to you reagrding guyabano fruit.

I am located in India and I want it for my father who is suffering from Cancer.
If it is possible please let me know your email id also.

It will be great help iy you can courire it or can tell me from where I can get it urgently.
I am ready to pay for it. also.


Guyabano trees grow everywhere in the Philippines. Especially in Mindanao. It would be expensive if you buy it from here.

There are so many guayabano fruits in Cagayan de Oro city, Phillipines. I am also eating the fruit for therapeutic purposes. I hope I can help you but India is very far. It is very hard to ship it to your place.

hi Kayastha, let’s see what I can do to help your father about Guyabano. I am also suffering from cancer, and I understand what you’re going through. I’d be glad to help. Send me a note at my YM ID: tetziecou

hey email me i want to help you…we’ve just eat guyabano with milk a while delicious! if you want my help just email that i will send it to you by mail if it would be possible.

hey email me i want to help you…we’ve just eat guyabano with milk a while delicious!

In india we supply Guyabano leaves, bark seed and other rare herbs like bourdock, ganoderma, alfalfa, milkthistle, etc. any one requires may contact us at alchemistjk at gmail dot com and may contact at 91-9334851224

yes we have plenty of guyabano fruits here in the Philippines. you can send your request at my email address i would glad to help you.

please contact me on my e mail for guya bano fruit puree

thanks for this page….i learned a lot about the fruit…but i wonder if this fruit really helps reduce stretch marks?

yes, that’s also my concern. heard it could treat stretchmark…

pls help me for buy a guyabano fruit in india

chirag shah, ill help you with guyabano if thats for ur personal use to treat something about it the fruit u need or the leaves? you know guys its good to help other people too…i have an indian mate at work and he sent me curry for my immunization…check curry that helps boost immune system too…

chat me if you want chirag…lets exchange messages iyapots19 either msn or yahoo…

Hi Chirag, you can send me a note about Guyabano in my YM ID: tetziecou

In india we supply Guyabano leaves, bark seed and other rare herbs like bourdock, ganoderma, alfalfa, milkthistle, etc. any one requires may contact at alchemistjk at gmail dot com and may contact at 91-9334851224

I am interested in guyabano.

please contact me on my e mail for guya bano fruit puree available in 1 litre packs

It is true about sour sop leaves. I have tried it myself and had good results. I feel so much stronger and i dont get tired easily. I do feel i am on a chemo right now. Theres so much changes in my body and I hope through believing with this cure might help the other sufferers.

is that bark poisonous need not be taken nor drink what particular it can cure

my mother is also a cancer patient w/ stage 3C grade 1 endometrial cancer. she’s already been operated 2 mos. ago. oncologist suggests for chemotherapy and radiation but we can’t really afford financially…my mother already taking herbal medicine even before she’s not yet operated but already diagnosed w/ her sickness and until now with Empower Products such as tonic and herbasul., but thank god as what we’ve observed her, she’s healthy, active and we can’t see her having serious sickness. does she have a chance to be healed on what she intakes and to live longer w/ us? or can you suggests us any effective herbal medicine? thanks and god bless.

hello ms berlinda, you can try our products from a nutritious guyabano fruit and further enhanced by selected leaves of 5 powerful herbs. you can send your request or inquiries at my email address thank you.

Hi Berlinda, You may contact me: about alternative medicine for cancers. within 10 days the patient can feel and see recovery. Also try Guyabano teas it really helps. Also, consider the foods taken.

God bless

hi..i came from the in Mindanao my sister heard about Guyabano..we have a lot here in our place..we have plenty of fruits..but i dont know how to use the leaves? how many leaf will i use to boil and how many cups of water? Tnx…

popz, bisaya sad ka? taga davao ko, tested na pod nako ng labana leaves. i pa airdry nimo ang dahon ug not less than 21 days, ayaw jud painiti ha, i bitay lang sa landong… after 21 days, puede na nimo gamiton… trapohi pod ug limpyo usa itago… kuha lang ka ug isa ka dahon kung dagko 2 kung gagmay, pilo2a nya ibutang sa baso, butangan ug boiling water taklobi ug mga 15 or more minutes… nya inomon.. puede himoon ug tubig pod para mas effective… iyang lasa? mura jud ug tea… sana naka tabang ko… salamat. God bless…

hi! mangotana lang ko kung pwede ba na gamiton bisag wala pamadry for 21 days? try man gud nako padala sa brod ko sa canada. tnx

hello, i can help you get the natural and nutritious juice from that fruit. so hassle free in preparing it. no need to add sugar. send your inquiries at my email address thank you.

salamat kaayo sa info

salamat rowena naka share ka!God bless

we have a lot of guyabano trees outside our house, who need some? if only i can send to people who need the leaves and stem.

please send me some for cancer patient

I am also looking for the recipe/formula about the leaves and the bark. I heard it could be harmful if not processed properly. advise me please. I read you could boil the leaves for tea, but Im not sure on the minutes of boiling so it wouldn’t less the effectivity/ or the potencty of it. Please advice me on these, I would like to try it and my family with liver problems and some of the mentioned illness that it can cure…please …thanks . email me –

I am from the Philippines, suffering from breast cancer. Luckily, we have good supply of Guyabano in my place. It really helps. For those who’d want to buy, send me a note in my YM ID: tetziecou
I’d be glad to help as I know what others are feeling now.

exacly!i have a lot in my garden too,but sorry its to far from u guys,otherwise u can harvest anytime,speacialy on a rainy season…

who ever wants a leaves just let me know,its my pleasure to be able to help anyone whos in in dubai

Good day!!! Im from the phillipines (mindanao)…..we have guyabano here if u need maybe we can assist you thanks…if ur interested just pm/contact us at 09327843503 look for mike

hi, im from mindanao…all i can say that guyabano is very effective.. my father is diagnosed of lung cancer with tumour in a terminal stage but were thankful to God that mindanao is abundant of guyabano fruit… now he can walk & started to recover from his illness… just eat the fruit & make a tea with the use of the leaves… like my monthly dysmenorrhea it’s gone by drinking the tea leaves…

how do you make the tea from leaves ? is there anybody there you know shipping fruits/ even frozen, or leaves,
seeds to plant here in USA?

yes, guyabano really heals, bec I am a user and we got a sufficient supplies here in Philippines, just take my add and you can leave a message by ym or through my add I got a sis in USA may be she can help the process of shipping it

hello jnur, i’d be glad to help you. pls send your request at my email address i can discuss to you not the tea but the juice out of that fruit and how to bring them in your place.

does guyabano heals hodgkin’s lymphoma?

Hi jerome,
Yes Guyabano teas is very helpful for lymphatic cancers. but since hodgkin’s lymphoma this type of disease is destroying the cells, it would be helpful to add some sort of supplement like fulvic ionic mineral. this will aid the cells to recover because fulvic ionic mineral will aid our body to get more oxygen. you may contact me if need assistance:
God bless

Is it also effective in viral infection? Like SSPE..

Yes Guyabano teas is very helpful for viruses. But since the patient’s case is very severe, SSPE, she/he needs to go on diet program or juices for several days especially if the patient experience frequently seizure. Avoid all foods contain MSG, all fish, meat, dairy, refined foods, even refined sugar. You may contact me if need assistance:
Keep pray to God for guidance.

email me if u need the guyabano seeds..

Go to quiapo market in manila they sell a lot of leaves pito pito ask for guyabano leaves

Go to a Chinese store in USA and ask for soar sup or guyabano juice in a can they are all over USA.

In india we supply Guyabano leaves, bark seed and other herbs like bourdock, ganoderma, alfalfa, milkthistle, etc. any one requires may contact at alchemistjk at gmail dot com and may contact at 91-9334851224

My father is suffering from esophegal cancer, please help us. We need guyabano drink, please quote.

Thanks and regards

0091 9839380997.

Hello for esophegal cancer, aside from teas and juices from guyabano, the patient must avoid the following:
all kinds of meat, fish, egg, refined, products, softdrinks, MSG, radiation, tobacco, fermented wine, caffeinated, the patients should take high fiber soup, fruits and veges. even rice if possible should be avoided for the moment. BECAUSE this is too hard to digest for the ill patient. if need assistance you may contact:
God bless

guyabano known a cancer killer and it is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy. if you need, I am from the Philippines and have good supply of guyabano juice with other ingredients of powerful herbs like horseradish tree (moringa) “the miracle tree” please call or text 0947-5727271 or Email

Hi… I want to know how to make guyabano leaves as tea please send me the recipe.. My sister was diagnosed breast cancer… I heard guyabano was really lots of help than chemo… Please Help Me…..

hello ms christy, i can help you get the juice extracted from that fruit. so natural and so potent. my email address thank you.

the guyabano leaves is very effective. I boil its leaves and drink is costless yet it is very effective.lets spread the good news!

I boil its leaves and drink is costless yet it is very effective.lets spread the good news!

my elder sister suffered a malignant cancer and was chemo and at the same time eats guyabano fruits and guyabano leaves as tea. from 3,400 cancer cells it goes down to 134. we are lucky enough we live in mindanao that has an abundant supply of guyabano. we are very thankful to GOD that everyday she can eat that fruit. she was diagnosed last september 25 2010 and now after two months she is fast recovering

I am from Delhi India. My brother is suffering from lung cancer. Can you suggest me that where I can get this fruit in India. If not possible in India then is there any agency in your area who can send this fruit to India. Also the procedure and quantity of consuming this fruit & leaves. Regards & God Bless.

yes we can send you powder sachet. Guyabano known as a cancer killer and it is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy. if you need, I am from the Philippines and have good supply of guyabano juice with other ingredients of powerful herbs like horseradish tree (moringa) “the miracle tree” please call or text 0947-5727271 or Email

Note to Rowena:
You said air dried for 21 days guyabano leaves, is there any particular age of the leaves, I mean, the young or the matured one or both can be made guyabano leaves tea.

thank you..

hello ms loida, would you like to try the juice extracted from that fruit? the so natural and so potent fruit juice. more so, hassle free of preparing it. we have several cases of cancers that are healed because of this guyabano fruit juice. pls send your inquiries and request at my email address

How to make Soursop Tea for Medicinal uses
1. Pick 2- 3 sour sop leaves from the sour sop tree (if you have access to one), Ensure that the leaves are not too mature. The mature leaves are normally deeper green in color. The idea is to get sour sop leaves that are in great shape
2. Add 1 cup of water in a small pot and bring it to a boil.
3. Cut the sour sop leaves into smaller pieces by tearing it apart; each leaf in three pieces.
4. Place the gravoila (sour sop) leaves in your tea cup (glass, cup) and pour the boiling water on it then cover for 30mins – 1 hour ( this process is commonly called drawing the tea).
5. Drink warm or cold – you may add sugar and milk for taste.

I learned so much with your advice..God bless you..

i like guyabano good luck and mor powers to all

gusto ko makabalo kung ok raba nga fresh nga dahon sa guyabao ang pabukalan unya moay imnon? or mas maau jud ang dry leaves ani? salamat….

ok ra kau oi…kung fresh nga dahon, nagcge man mi ana ug pabukal… ug dili man pod nah xa luod…badsta ninsdot kau imo pamati, mo-wash out sa mga toxics sau tiyan,labi na sdau tibuok lawas,unya lami kau imo katulog…

Hi…im having hemodialysis now, the doctor said, ill be needing it for a lifetime…when i read about the wonders of guyabano…i hoped again, that i’ll be free from hemodialysis, the treatment really cost much.Do u know someone who was healed of kidney problem because of taking guyabano. please reply. thank you.

not yet but i heard stories about patients recommended for dialysis who survived due to mulberry tree leaves not guyabano

yes i heard so many survivors from kidney problems and they only took our product. would you like to try it? our product is a fruit juice extracted from guyabano. you can send your inquiries and request at my email address thank you.

For kidney problem..take cramberry juice is has stones…it will come out authomatically.

@Rowena, what kind of kidney disease suffered by your son? and the effect of guyabano.For others you can buy Guyabano Tea at Quezon City Memorial Circle ( near Commonwealth Entrance)

hi ask ko po if ung boiled guyabano leaves ay good din sa may breast cancer?

hi ask ko po if yong guyabano leaves na pinakuluan ay good din to fight malignant cells?

hello Melissa,
Just want to give ideas. Guyabano teas and juices is very helpful. if the patient suffers severe pain on her chest, I can recommend others herbal medicine from my clinic. within 1-3 days the pain will gone and you will see and feel health recovery. Also, you must avoid all bawal even fish and egg. go on veges and fruits, grains, nuts. if need assistance you may contact me:

God bless

bakit po bawal ba kumain ng fish ang merong breast canser?just asking lang po:)

Guyabano shake is very delicious, very healthy even you eat the fruit in the morning with no breakfast yet because it is high in carbohydrates plus vitamins, in my experience I can stay for whole day long without lunch. Also the boiled leaves taken as tea good for UTI and the young leaves can be used as deworming especially in children just simply wrap the stomach and back with leaves using a cloth in 3 days.

hi, i’m interested in guyabano fruits and leaves for my father who we suspect is having illness (probably cancer).. do you have any courier in your area that could deliver in Manila? pls text me at 09176448183. thank you and God bless you!

Hi i’d like to know if the guyavano also help us reducing our blood pressure? pls let me know…thank you very much

Hi to all… I am from the Philippines…I have a GUYABANO capsule for sale…if you are interested to purchase, just contact me this email address- or my cell # +639208186750

Yes! Guyabano is really a MIRACULOUS FRUIT it is a cure for all illnesses….if only people will go to ALTERNATIVE medicine, it will be great feeling….God bless!

how about non hodgins lymphoma.can a patient eat guyabano to treat this problem.pls advise

how much guyabano fruit to be taken daily?

There might be n number of different types of cancer in the body, in medical terms its names may be different. But if GUYAVANO FRUITS are so effective, Why you are not contacting the naturopathy hospitals and giving them the informations and the researchs done on it. It will help the person like me who beleves in Naturopathy first, and then others.
Purnima Seth

thank you for all the infomation about guyabano. I have learned much. My husband has pancreatic cancer. Instead of having it operated he prefers alternative medicine. We have started with one particular alternative healing last April after he was diagnosed. It showed healing signs although he has lost 14 kilos( which is normal in their own healing process. We don’t want him to undergo such process healing process so we decided to add other alternative medicine. Yestersay after reading about the healing effect of guyabano we decided to concentrate on guyabano fruit and leaves. Thanks too for the info how to preserve the guyabano leaves. I would like to know which is more effective. the dried guyabano leaves or the fresh boiled one? Thank you

how to use a guyabano leaves for medicine ??

OMG !! Thanks !! I really needed this for a report in school tomorrow

hi,mangutana lang ko if ang guyabano b pwd sad sa thyroid,ako frend nag ask about guyabano kc n blood test n siya 2 times n ok nman daw ang result pero gi ultrasound sad tungod sa tiredness niyang gibati ang result multiple nodules,so gi thyroid scan sad siya ang result cold nodule sbi ng doctor suspicious dw kya ipa biopsy sad cy.nabasa nko ang tungod sa guyabano n mkapaayo og tanan skit.plihog ko og reply be.slamat kaayo.GOD BLESS!! SA TANAN n may gibati hinaut n maayo ang tanan ntong gibati.


hi y it is guyabano is a cancer killer???????????what components of the guyabano to make cancer cell kill?????????

who wants to buy a guyabano seed i have plenty in brgy.malinta los baÑos LAGUNa just call or text in this number 09092127246 look kabayan or aling julie ^_^

it heals

so impressed with guyavano,,so natural,effective,and affordable…

Gud day! Nice to read this. Can I ask a question: 1.) can treat diabetes patient? 2.) can treat also a High blood patient?

my mom is diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 3c..
Anybody who knows how to correctly prepare guyabano tea from its leaves?
Please email me at It will be of great help. THANKS

just boil to cups of water with 4 leaves of guyabano for about 10 minutes and thats it, drink it hot or cold. I was been diagnosed with ovarian stage 3c and had a exploratory surgery that include total hysterectomy. now I a on my 5th chemo session and one more to go but with the help of the guyabano tea, I never felt the bad side effects of chemo….guyabano is really working good and with my faith in god and family and friends that show support.

its really a miraculous fruits…thanx to God..

I have Pancreatic cancer and I heard so much about sour sop fruit ,just wondering how often do I need to eat the fruit I just started eating the sour sop fruit is half a fruit good enough each day and just wondering where you can buy the the guyavano leaves or sour sop leaves I think it is the same thing and use it for tea .and information and help would be greatly appreciated,I have found the fruit ,just need to know where to get the leaves

enform po ako tungkol sa guyabano pls kol me. my cp number 09393697802. tnx….

if you are looking a giyabano leaves call me at 00639179628867..

Shalom! Very healthy tips! GOD BLESS!

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August 2009


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