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Health Benefits of Sappan Wood

Posted on: August 14, 2009


Decoction of wood and bark used for tuberculosis, diarrhea, dysentery, postpartum tonic, skin infections. and anemia.
Seeds used for stomach aches and nervous disorders.
Decoction of wood used postpartum as tonic.

Chiefly used as a dyewood, popular for coloring native fabrics.
In some parts of the Quezon province, a popular colorant for the coconut liquer, lambanog.

Antimicrobial: Aqueous extract study showed antimicrobial activity against methicillin-sensitive S aureus (MSSA) as well MRSA and suggests a potential to restore the effectiveness of B-lactam antibiotics against MRSA..
Immunosuppressive compenent: Brazilein, an important immunosuppressive component of CS showed inhibition of T cell proliferation and suppress mice humoral immune response.
Antioxidant:Study results showed significant antioxidant activities of Caesalpinia sappan heartwood extracts.
Anticonvulsant:Study of aqueous MeOH extracts isolated pure compounds sappanchalcone and brazilin which showed remarkable anticonvulsant activity.
Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors:Study of MeOH extract of Vietnamese CS isolated neoprotosappanin and protosappanin A dimethyl acetal which showed xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity comparable to allopurinol.
Anti-allergic:Study of extracts of CS showed potent inhibitory activity against B-hexosaminidase release as marker of degranulation in rat basophilic leukemic cells. Among the compounds tested, sappanchalcone showed the most potent anti-allergic effect.
• Cardioactive effects of Brazilein:Brazilein obtained from CS ethanol extracts showed a positive inotropic action with little effect on heart rate and coronary perfusion, an effect achieved through inhibition of Na-K-ATPase system.

Additional Sources and Suggested Readings

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Here’s a couple gems culled from the inbox chaff:

“Caesalpinia sappan, known as Sibukaw Tree, treats hepatitis problems. It also includes diabetes.”

Excerpt from reply or comment re sibukaw:
“with regards to sibukaw tree, it grow near our city and is sold by local streetside herbalist as a remedy to build blood. a decoction of the wood pieces are used. my friend told me that it cured a filipino doctor who came home from the u.s. because he was dying of cancer.”

12 Responses to "Health Benefits of Sappan Wood"

was there any study that already proven that sibukaw tree can cure cancer?
i need ur answer.asap
thank u very much.

as far as my online research is concern, no study yet that says so…why not try guyabano…it is 10,000 potent than the medicine used for chemotherapy and it can cure 12 types of cancer. Further reading: Guyabano: The fruit that heals

i am looking for a researchable topic for our science investigatory project.

but i think it’s so difficult to investigate about sibukaw tree as a anti cancer. it will involve so much time, effort and money.

can you help me to come up with a researchable topic?

thank you very much.

Hmmm, the cancer that sibukaw can be treated is leukemia because it’s good for treating blood problems… Before, My friend told me that her neighbor’s child was sick of leukemia and were taken out from the hospital because they have no money to pay for chemotherapy and for hospital bills and other procedures to be done. They started boiling sibukaw, in a week, the child become healthier and pinkish now than before, he was so pale… But I don’t know exactly what happen after that…

tanx for ol the info u shared … God bless and goood day!

i would like to share real experiences with the use of Guyabano or Graviola Tree’s very powerful medicinal properties. Last July 2008 I receive an email from the HSI about the Graviola. according to the message Powerful Cancer Killer 10,000 times more powerful than Chemotherapy. I did not keep i to myself. I share this to one of my co-teacher who was diagnosed of cervix cancer. By the way we have plenty of Guyabano in our school, she has this cancer for five years. She began boiling the leaves and the bark and drinking the tea. Last January 12, 2009 she was absent so i told her to file a sick leave. But instead she hug me and she was very happy because according to her doctor no trace of cervix cancer. My husband’s thumb cannot be bend because of arthritis. He drunk the tea for three weeks and the pain and swelling is gone. My brother’s testicle was operated because it was inflame, after three months the other testicle was again affected, but he did not tell me nor his wife he kept it for himself so that we will not worry. One day when he came to the house I ask him why he is losing weight he jokingly said wala na makain (no food to eat) but i told him you drink the tea of guyabano. And now my brother’s health is in good shape. i want to share this one to people. So that we will not only depend on senthitic drugs.

my fore and middle finges are also painful to bend due to arthirtis maybe…if i want to try the concoction of guyabano many will i boil evryday? shall i make it as a substitute to water until i feel some improvement to my affected fingers? …i was sufferring this for only a week now…but i have so manyt hings to do and it is annoying ..that i cannot use my left hand because of too much pain…after itis gone …does it goes back again for some time or gone for good?..

thanks a lot ..i know your letter could help a lot…more power…

In my personal experience I used a combination of the following: ginger, garlic, onion, chili (7 pieces), and lemon grass in one pitcher of water. Ginger and garlic must be crushed first and exposed for more than two minutes. When the water boils put it off immediately. In addition to them, add onion and chili only when the water stops to boil. This greatly helps me with my gouty arthritis once and for all. From then on i never experience the same even when I am tempted to eat and drink that can trigger it.

I just want to share my experience just a month ago. My son was admited to the hospital bcoz of Dengue. It was his 2nd after 7 yrs ago. They said, Dengue will be treated only with lots of liquid, but with my son was different. He sufferred a lot and the dr’s treated him with antibiotics. 2 days in the hospital, his internal organs swelled, potassium fluctuates, and platelets as well, aside from on and off high fever.. We were all worried coz his tummy bloated, cant pee normal, and the dr’s advised me to prepare coz we might be transferring to a big hosp…. So its not good anymore. My cousin, learned it and brought SIBUKAW , and he gave it to my son to drink it. After drinking 2 glasses of boiled sibukaw, miracles happened… Son went to the toilet and pee many times and with normal color….. we continue and let him drink till the following day, they checked his platelets and potassium all went to normal… Its all because of SIBUKAW. After 2 days drinking sibukaw, my son did not suffer anymore… Doctors were surprised of his recovery… And when i learned it from a friend that in their province they have so many sibukaw tree, she sent me and shared it to all my friends…

i am a mom of 8 years old suffering of UTI and the doctor told that it could be also in his kidney somebody shared with me abt this sibkaw… I did not yet tried . how true kaya this sibukaw? and puede rin kaya sa UTI and kidney patient?

I have been using Sibukaw for frequent urination. It does me wonder really. I just split the wood into thin strips and infuse it with hot water in a jar. Let it cool, strain and drink the waters.
I think its also responsible for my below 100 fbs level.

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