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27 Feb 2009, 0000 hrs IST, CHARU AMAR

The 10 kissing commandments (Getty Images)

“Our date was extremely romantic, until I offered to seal the night with a kiss, which unexpectedly turned out to be quite awkward. While, I was gravely ashamed, never came back,” shares 23-year-old, Rishi Gulati (name changed on request), a sad victim of a kissing-faux-pas.

Well, the misfortune of a bad kiss can fall upon any of us. Consider yourself lucky if your kiss left your partner craving for more. And keep your fingers tightly crossed for no one plans a kissing blunder, it simply happens! And mind it, you are hardly left with anything to mend the embarrassment caused by a ‘dud kiss.’ If a perfect kiss can register success in your relationship

, a kissing bummer is good enough to bring your love journey to a dead end even before it starts.

Follow our ’10 commandments of perfect kissing’ and you’ll never be tagged as a ‘poor kisser’…

1. Thou shall not be a stinking fish
Nothing can kill a kiss like foul breadth. So, the first commandment keeps you off kissing, if your mouth is stinking due to hygiene issues, food, tobacco or excessive smoking. If you don’t want your partner to remember the kiss for all the wrong reasons, try to look out for solutions. Dr. Kamal Bisht, a general physician suggests, “Begin by brushing your teeth before you go out on a date, irrespective of the time. Cleaning your tongue is also important as it removes bacteria. Avoid kissing if you have just had smelly food products like garlic, onions etc. Keep a breath spray handy and use it periodically throughout the day.” Last but not the least, if you are a smoker, the pleasure of smooching your partner can be your motivation to kick the butt!

2. Thou shall open your mouth with care
“My girlfriend has this habit of opening her mouth very little while kissing, which does not allow me to enjoy a passionate kiss to the fullest,” avers Rajdeep Bhawmik, a Delhi-based architect.

While, there’s no accurate rule for opening the mouth, it’s generally seen that a deep kiss using tongue is a huge turn on. Equally terrifying are gulpers who open their mouth wide open while kissing, ready to swallow their partner. The trick is to keep one’s lips lose enough to let the lips of both the partners glide smoothly over each other making it a yummy kiss. Also, “start with a lip-to-lip kiss and gradually taste the depths of pleasure,” suggests sex expert, Dr. Rajan.

3. Thou shall not be a dead dud
“For both men and women, responsiveness is the chief factor that makes for a better kisser,” says author William Cane in his book, The Art of Kissing Book of Question and Answers . So, rather than pouncing upon your partner’s mouth, try and figure out the styles and movements that your partner enjoys. Try to figure out his/her likes and dislikes and adapt your technique accordingly.

Going with the other partner’s rhythm is crucial. Don’t expect your beau to do all the work while you enjoy his kissing moves. “My girlfriend is a hesitant kisser. She doesn’t even move her head; forget about getting playful with her tongue and lips. It’s just like I’m trying to find pleasure with a stiff stick,” reveals Chandan Gupta, a 20-year-old college student.

4. Thou shall be a learner
No body is a born kisser. So, if you are an amateur kisser, who is apprehensive about locking lips, just follow your partner and the rest will fall into place, the way it happened with Jayati and Mayank. “During the initial days of our courtship, my girlfriend Jayanti was quite clueless about kissing, which was a big turn-off for me. But soon she realised her awkwardness and made a smart move. She simply started copying my style and now she can beat me in a passionate kiss,” tells Mayank Taneja, a Mumbai-based PR professional.
Remember kissing is all about adapting and learning.

5. Thou shall use your hands appropriately
Agreed, that using hands results in elevating levels of passion. But do not pull his hair or grab her waist as if she’ll run if you leave. Kissing is about imparting pleasure rather than inflicting pain. “Keep your hand movements limited to sensual and soft strokes on your lover’s arms, back, neck, waist and hair or simply cup the face,” suggests Cane. Don’t get too aggressive in the name of showing wild passion. “My first boyfriend almost gave me bruises every time we kissed. Pinching and grabbing me gave him a sense of high, but I failed to match up with his wild passion and we broke up after a few dates and kisses,” relates Madhurima Goel, a 19-year-old college student.

6. Thou shall not let your tongue go loose
You don’t have to gag your partner by shoving off your tongue deep down into his/her mouth. Take it easy. The kissing rule for tongue says –less is more! Let the tip of your tongue perform the magic with subtle and gentle strokes. You can use your tongue for exploring, but that doesn’t allow you to reach between your partner’s teeth –as it can be a big turnoff. “Remember, slower the tongue movements, hotter is the passion,” says Dr. Shivi Jaggi.

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7. Thou shall not give me a saliva bath
Wet kisses undoubtedly work when it comes to getting into some raunchy action, but that doesn’t give you the liberty to go lap,lap,lap all over your partner’s face. “My girl is a passionate kisser. But, the only problem with her is that her kisses are really wet. She licks my chin, cheeks, forehead etc, which becomes quite messy for me,” complains Jatin Sharma, a 24-year-old, management student. So, slobbery is not welcomed while kissing.

8. Thou shall not have sex on your mind
It is not necessary for a kiss to end in some hot action between the sheets. Your kiss shouldn’t give away the hint that you are getting desperate to hit the bed. “Kissing brings people close physically and emotionally. And this closeness satisfies a deep emotional need for connecting with your partner,” explains Cane.
So, while you are kissing, be sensitive to your partner’s need. He/she may or may not be ready for sex immediately. Don’t use a kiss as a means to reach a sexual climax. Let your kiss be romantic rather than plain sexual.
“I can still remember my first kiss, though for unpleasant things. The way the guy was busy groping me, gave clear clues that he wanted to have sex with me on our first date itself and I wasn’t ready. And soon after that date, within no time I made up my mind to never meet him again.”

Another way to keep your first kiss plain romantic, rather than hard core sexual can be to keep your hand-work limited to the non-erotic zones like the neck, arms, back waist etc., rather than reaching out to the erotic zones. Though, imagination and experimentation can be your yardstick if both of you are ready and enjoying.

9. Though shall not stare while kissing
You might be curious; you might feel like watching your partner taking pleasure in the act, but continuously staring at him/her while kissing is a big no no! Whenever a person is enjoying something to the hilt, their eyes automatically shut. Closing the eyes is an autonomous stimulus to pleasure. So, kissing is no exception to this rule and people tend to close their eyes. “Also, the sight of your partner almost eating you might not look very beautiful if you watch it continuously, though there’s nothing wrong in getting a peep every now and then,” suggests Dr. Rajan.

10. Thou shall be confident of your kiss
Be it a plain pucker or a passionate lip lock, not just the initiator, but even the recipient ought to be confident. Remember, to go with the flow and you’ll do fine. When passion reaches its zenith, no guide-book or tips remain in one’s mind. So, just be yourself and let the warmth of your lips take over. “Be it approaching your lover for a kiss or accepting his proposal, both should be utmost confident. Jitters may spoil the mood, irrespective of who is getting them,” explains Dr. Jaggi.



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