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Starting a regular running habit could mean a longer — and more comfortable — life.

After tracking hundreds of runners for more than 20 years, researchers found that fleet-footed adults are much less likely to become disabled or die than nonrunners are.

Exercise-Induced Longevity
In fact, the difference in death rates is staggering! In the study, about 34 percent of the nonrunners had passed away by age 70 or so, but just 15 percent of the runners had — even though the groups were of similar age, weight, and health status. If you’re new to running but want to give it a go, here are a few basic pointers to get you going and help you avoid strains.

Running Alternatives
Not keen on running? New to exercise? No problem. You can make yourself up to 10 years younger simply by walking. Here’s how it works. Or just pick any activity you enjoy, make a date with yourself — or even better, with a buddy (you’ll keep each other on track) — to do it a few times a week. Then, go at it hard enough to get your heart rate up. Use this tracker to chart your walking progress.

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Source: Health Yahoo
Date: February 17, 2009

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